Healthcare Providers

Help Me Grow is a national model that was started by Dr. Paul Dworkin, Physician-in-Chief at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. As a pediatrician, he repeatedly confronted the question of where to send at-risk children for help.

We support you and your office by:

  • Providing screenings for perinatal women and young children, and sharing results when families provide consent.
  • Coordinating informational and community resources for your patients.
  • Partnering for better services to your patients.

Refer a Patient

Refer a patient today! A Help Me Grow team member will contact the family. These referral and online enrollment forms authorize the transfer of information between Help Me Grow and you, the provider.

Referral Process

HMG Referral Process

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We offer training on Help Me Grow for your team. We discuss how our teams can benefit from each other.

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